Thursday, October 20, 2016

Favorite Music

I personally don't have a favorite genre of music I can basically listen to just about anything, but I don't care for jazz or classical music. When i'm with my family we listen to a lot of country or old pop music. However when I am with my friends we listen to rap/pop/hip-hop. I don't really care what I listen to but I do enjoy listening to music. The pop radio station here plays a lot of Rihanna or The Chainsomkers. If I want to get pumped up my friend showed me this song by Jamesthemormon it's called Motivation. It has a really good beat and my parents like it because its a rap song with no cuss words. Mainly it doesn't matter to me what genre but the quality of the music.

Monday, September 19, 2016

About Me

Hello, my name is Bailey Parker I'm 15 years old from the Unites States of America. I was born on June 27 2001. I have 3 sisters that all happen to be older than me their names are Heather, Ashley, and Rebecca. I play year round sports one being basketball and the other being volleyball. All of my family members have played or coached a sport at least once in their life. Besides being into sports I am also very into my academics. Just like most of you i am learning to speak another language , I am learning to speak Spanish. Along with the struggles of learning a new language it is also very interesting and a great experience. Do you enjoy learning new languages? I also bake, I started baking when I was 5 with the help of my Grandmother of course. Me and her could sit and bake for hours on end, we are very close. My older sister Heather just had a baby named Grady and he actually was born the day before me just 14 years after. My other sister Ashley has a boy named Emerson who is 3 but he lives in Texas which is 3000 miles away which isn't all that bad because I go there every summer. And if you couldn't tell by all the explanations of my family I am very family oriented. We eat family dinners , go to our family cabin together, and also go to all of each others sporting events. By family I don't just mean my mom, dad, and sisters but my uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Other than being family oriented with a enjoyment of academics, sports, and baking I also like music of all varieties and I love to do make up and hair. I could spend hours on end looking up different make up and hair tutorials on YouTube. My favorite tutorials to watch are by Carly Byble. As you can see I have a lot of interests in my life but I'm really excited to get to know more about your cultures and interests as well.

Reflection on Place and Culture

There are many things to like about Humboldt County but I think my favorite thing is how close we are to everyone here. I could go to the mall to shop and stay there and talk to people for hours on end and not even go to one store. Humboldt is a small community but with the amount of people you know it makes it feel bigger. I have many "aunts" , "uncles", and "cousins" that aren't even blood related but were so close and have grown up together that it makes us family. Even my neighbors who I barely know always make an effort to ask me about my daily life. Speaking of neighbors my family has this tradition that every year at Christmas we will bake and put them on little platters and we'll take them to all my neighbors. Another great thing about Humboldt is to look at other families and see how long that there ancestors and them have lived here for ; and to see how much the cities have changed over time. My grandmother will show me old pictures of the logging ages and when her and my grandpa were younger how everything looked. She would tell me stories about where they lived and how little they lived off of. Mostly I like learning new things about the place I come from from everybody in the community so then I can learn where we got our culture we have today.

There is also a downfall to living in a small county is that whatever you do everybody is going to know about it. If you do something good or bad everybody is going to know about it. If you get in an argument with somebody there is no getting away from them. So its a basically a be nice, honest, and good person or everybody is going to know your mistakes. Also even if you do something that your parents wouldn't approve of and people find out your parents will know sooner or later. It basically taught me to never do things wrong I mean of course people make mistakes but not huge ones that could make your parents disappointed in you. Another thing I don't like about our county is that we have a bad rep because of the business people choose to get into. The reason I don't like it is because then we all get stereotyped with it. I personally like more than I dislike about our community which is good because you don't want to dislike the place you grow up and live in.