Friday, February 10, 2017

Favorite Series

My favorite series on Netflix is One Tree Hill mainly because it shows you real life and doesn't sugar coat anything. The series has 9 seasons with around 20 episodes in each.  My favorite characters in the series are Brooke Davis and Nathan Scott. One reason Brooke is my favorite is because nothing came easy to her and every obstacle in her way she overcame because she tried so hard to fight it. Another reason is because underneath her stubborn attitude she is a loving and caring person. Nathan Scott is one of the leading characters married to Hailey James-Scott and he has changed into such a great person throughout this series. Nathan has overcome a over controlling dad and an addict mother and changed both of them for the better. Apart from the my favorite characters the main characters are Lucas and Nathan Scott(brothers), Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, and Hailey James-Scott.

At the start of the series all the teens are in high-school. They all have their problems the biggest being Lucas and Nathan's dad wants nothing to do with Lucas because he says Lucas was a mistake. Lucas and Nathan however both have the same love for basketball and end up on the same team. Then just to get on Lucas's nerves Nathan starts going out with Hailey(who is Lucas's best-friend) and little did he know they would end up falling in love. As the series progresses Nathan and Hailey get married ad have a son named Jamie. The characters then learn that growing up isn't as easy as it seems and growing apart from your friends is the hardest part. All in all the series has its wonderful and its sad parts. I would recommend this show to anyone that has a drama tolerance but that can also see the best in people. If you wanna check it out heres a link to the main plot; One Tree Hill Main Plot.